Our goal? Better eye care.

For everyone!

Lot’s of patients visit eye doctors without complex eye diseases or chronic eye diseases. The Eyehelp team wonders, what if these patients get faster and better help from optometrists?

The waiting time to visit an eye doctor is increasing, sometimes even up to 10 months. The population is getting older and the number of eye diseases increases. Eye doctors can’t solve these problems alone anymore.

That’s why the Eyehelp eye doctors and optometrists started Eyehelp. They asked themselves. What if we deliver faster and high-quality eye care for everyone? What if general practitioners, optometrists and eye doctors collaborate better?

They started building the Eyehelp platform to facilitate such eye care collaboration. Plus, general practitioners and optometrists get trained by Eyehelp doctors to deliver better eye care. And the Eyehelp app allows patients to be involved in the recovery or management of their eye disease. All-in-all, they build a complete solution to offer better eye care for everyone.

Highlight of two people's eyes.