Better eye care for all of us

Imagine fast and high-quality eye care for everyone. Without waiting months for an eye doctor. Eyehelp fixes it with same week eye diagnostics. For non-acute eye diseases. It’s now possible thanks to our revolutionary eye care platform. Our platform is built for health professionals and patients.

Collage of eyes

Enjoy a better eye care workflow

With Eyehelp, GPs refer patients to optometrists in two clicks. Optometrists see the patients. And document all diagnostic eye data in Eyehelp. If needed, they teleconsult with an Eyehelp doctor. Finally, GPs receive a treatment summary in their GP Information System.

iPad and MacBook showing patientdata in Eyehelp application

One platform. Max collaboration

Eyehelp brings general practitioners, optometrists and eye doctors together. For max collaboration around patients eye care. For each speciality, Eyehelp further optimizes the workflow. Let’s have a look at how Eyehelp helps professionals.

The Eyehelp patient app

Eye info people understand.

Eyehelp Patient App shown on iPhone

The Eyehelp app offers patients understandable eye info. You check your eye pictures to learn more about your eye disease. Other eye and relevant medical info are also available. The app aids with faster recovery or better management of your eye disease.

Serious security

Secure management of patient’s data is a top priority. That’s why we store all data on Dutch healthcare certified servers. Every new feature is designed with maximum security in mind.

Trusted by our partners

This year we soft launch Eyehelp with our experienced partners Menzis, Arts en Zorg, Specsavers and Zorgdomein. Together we aim to deliver better eye care for everyone.

Our partners include Arts-en-Zorg, menzis, Specsavers and ZorgDomein

A.I. ready

Our software is ready to apply Artificial Intelligence. So we get help diagnosing eye images. Are you the right person, to lead those efforts?