Eyehelp for GPs.

Refer. Feedback. Learn.

Eyehelp helps GPs to refer and manage patients for eye care. And we train GPs, with their patient cases, to refer correctly. GPs refer patients, via Zorgdomein, to an optometrist in two clicks. And via ZorgDomein, a diagnostic report from the optometrist is sent back to the GPs information system. Need more info? By logging into Eyehelp, GPs see all information and communication related to patients’ eye care.

Medical personal performing an eye test on a patient.

Eyehelp for optometrists.

Diagnose. Consult. Refer.

Eyehelp helps optometrists diagnose, consult and refer patients with ease. Optometrists get patients referred via GPs. The digital referral and patient information are directly available in Eyehelp. Through this workspace, protocolled eye diagnosis is performed, eye data added, and eye images uploaded. If needed, optometrists teleconsult with an Eyehelp doctor and get an answer in under four hours. In acute cases, optometrists refer to an eye doctor directly.

Eyehelp shown on a MacBook Pro and Surface Book

Pro Training with our eye doctors.

Our Eyehelp doctors train general practitioners and optometrists to deliver better eye care—through online video conferencing and the Eyehelp platform. Additionally, we organize on-location training for GPs and optometrists.

Screen showing training with one of our eye doctors.

Eyehelp for eye doctors.

Manage. Consult.

Eyehelp helps eye doctors manage their patients already before the first appointment. All patient info from the optometrist is available. The consult info from the Eyehelp doctors is also available if the optometrist consulted them. All this patient data saves eye doctors time and prevents taking unnecessary images of the patients’ eye.

Eye doctor interface in Eyehelp showing patient's images.

We launch Eyehelp in 2021.

This year we launch the Eyehelp platform with pilot studies in the Netherlands. Contact us if you would like to join.